Investment Strategy & Markets

We believe the clean energy disruption is gaining pace and will continue globally.

Renewable energies and smartgrid are the future and a global growth market with tremendous investment requirements globally over next 20 year. The ever higher penetration of intermittent renewable energy creates the need for power storage to mitigate intermittency and offer low-cost stable and constant renewable power. ConstantEnergy has specialised on an area that uses sources for energy production with an absence of fuel costs/risks and whose cost have been dropping drastically among energy sources: Photovoltaics (PV) and Battery storage. These investments are attractive to us, as efficiency enhancements and cost reductions are making power generation from PV and Storage increasingly more cost-efficient and competitive.

Strong country regulatory track-record, high quality assets, long term global and local partnerships are the key factor when investing profitably in our sector. Our investment decisions are based on extensive expert analysis, existing experience and successful track record in the countries where we invest, and direct asset management.

Our initial focus is on emerging Asia and Africa for utility solar PV generation investments as well as developed markets for utility battery storage investments.

Utility battery storage